At 纽约医院 patients and guests will have access to various amenities during your visit, 包括:

  • 画廊: The dining room is home to area artists’ work that is displayed in the community dining space. 画廊一年要换几次. 请注意: The 纽约医院 Art Gallery is currently a virtual exhibition space. Exhibition details for all four 2021 shows are available 24/7 at the click of a button. 现在查看在线图库!
  • ATM机: An ATM machine is available just outside the dining room for your needs.
  • 礼宾部: A concierge will greet you upon entering 纽约医院’s main entrance. This service provides directions and personal escorts to hospital service areas and help with community needs such as hotel reservations, 当地餐饮场所, 医院服务, 包括轮椅租赁等等. 联系 the concierge desk by dialing extension 2094 from any in-house phone or calling (207) 363-4321.
  • 餐厅纽约医院’s award-winning Dining Service Team is legendary in the community for its fine cuisine and offers a variety of delicious food to tempt even the most fickle palate. Click here for information and to see our daily specials!
  • 免费停车: All of 纽约医院’s campuses offer ample, free parking for patients and guests.
  • 宁静的花园花园: The 宁静的花园 outside the surgery center is a relaxing spot for privacy, 安慰, reflection or to enjoy the ocean breeze on a warm summer night.
  • 互联网接入/电脑: 纽约医院 offers free wireless access anywhere in the hospital building, so feel free to use your laptop or smartphone in public areas.
  • 休息区: 病人 and families are welcome to wait in any of our relaxing waiting areas around the hospital – some equipped with waterfalls, 按摩椅, 还有饮料站和小吃.
  • 爱心室: Located on the 2nd floor around the corner from both the Biewend and Strater inpatient areas, the Loving Kindness Room is a space designed to provide an oasis of quiet in the center of our busy hospital environment for patients, families and staff use when in need of time for reflection, 和平, 祈祷, 冥想和神职人员探访. The room is appointed with 安慰able seating, reflective reading materials, and a quiet atmosphere. It is available for use at any time – look for the Loving Kindness sign adorning the door.
  • 付费电话: 2楼有公用电话供您使用, 当你进入医院的汉考克入口时. 享受它“电话亭”的感觉!
  • 电话: Life threatening and unexpected hospital stays are already worrisome. At 纽约医院 you can update loved ones from near and far via our in-room phones. 长途电话不收费.
  • 零售药店: 纽约医院 has two community retail pharmacies for your prescription needs. Both offer delivery to your home, and offer competitive pricing.
  • 客房服务: 需要一份报纸,一本书,或者找个人聊聊天? 云顶国际app的客房服务志愿者来帮忙了! For more information, call extension 2221 from any in-house phone or call (207) 363-4321.
  • 精神上的关心: Learn more about spiritual care and support services available at 纽约医院.
  • 旅游: if you would like to tour the hospital or a specific service area, we are here to help! 云顶国际app的交友办公室获取信息 (207) 351-2385.
  • 运输纽约医院 offers transportation for patients to and from appointments at 纽约医院 or 纽约医院 practices and community sites within our service area.


  • 私人房间: Please note that 纽约医院 is in the midst of converting all of our inpatient rooms to private rooms, but still have several rooms that are shared by two patients. We will do our best to provide you with a private room if available. While we can’t guarantee that we will have a private room available for you, 云顶国际app将尽一切努力满足你们的要求.
  • 病人餐: Wholesome, nourishing and well-balanced meals are an important part of your treatment and recovery. 纽约医院’s Dining and Nutrition Team provides delicious and nutritious meals that are prepared fresh and in-house by our kitchen staff. Our innovative Room Service program allows you to order your meal – be it breakfast, 午餐或晚餐——你想什么时候吃都行. 您到达后,云顶国际app会给您一份菜单. If you are on a special diet prescribed by your doctor, you will receive a menu tailored to your specific needs. 点餐, all you have to do is call extension 3663 (FOOD) and someone will be available to take your order. 如果你在菜单选择上有困难, a member of the dietary staff will be happy to help you.
  • 病人电话: 每个病人床边都配有一部电话. 家人和朋友可以随时通过拨号给你打电话 (207) 363-4321 或者免费 1 (877) 363-4321. 拨打电话:拨“9”接通外线. Once you hear the dial tone, you may dial the phone number. Remember to use the area code if you are calling outside of Maine. 长途电话不收费 at 纽约医院. 请注意, 手机可以在医院里使用, though we ask patients and visitors to respect the resting patients when in use. There may be some areas of the hospital where cell phone usage is restricted.
  • 病人电视: 每个病人都配有电视机. In order to respect the care of patients in semi-private rooms, headphones (provided free of charge) must be used to reduce noise, 电视必须在晚上11:30之前关掉.
  • 客房服务: 尽量使您住得舒适, we offer a free Room Service program that includes daily newspaper delivery, 看DVD电影的能力, 玩游戏, 听音乐, 读一本书, 与志愿者聊天, or shop in our gift shop/apothecary where a variety of items are available to purchase, 包括礼物, 卡片, 工艺品, 小礼品, 洗漱用品和药物. We also offer services such as interpreters for those with difficulty relaying messages or understanding any staff members, 灵气是用来减压和放松的.